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Prosper from the Positive

We equip you to capture the social and business benefits 
Cooperation Science, Ethical Design and Humane Technology

How we do it



Leverage leading evidence from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Evolution, Computational Social Science, Network Science and Human-centered Design among others.



We facilitate the co-evolution of analytic innovations (AI) with ecological, social and economic benefits.

Prosocial is the first change method based on evolutionary science to enhance cooperation and collaboration for groups of all types and sizes that’s effective at a global scale.

Networks of Technologists, Designers, Innovators and Thinkers

We are a consortium of academics, researchers, civil society organizations, companies, and other groups building and utilizing Humane technologies & Design while working to better understand and shape innovation’s impacts


Using visual collaboration and prototyping, we stretch your thinking, co-create with your stakeholders and customers, and help you navigate hidden social, ecological and human risks which threaten the success of your innovations.

Does your organization need to produce results which grow your strengths? Shrink costs or risks?

what we do

Positive Performance-based approach to innovation

Equip your team with Science of Human Performance

 Organizational benefits include:

  • Positively-equipped Staff up to 43% more productive Average Sales staff to boost their productivity up to 300%–consistently “outlearning” and “out-innovating” their competitors
  • Positive Performance is the new engagement

Positively Intelligent employees are:

  • 43% More productive (Hay Graup)
  • 86% More Creativee/ Innovative (UC Berkeley)
  • Using 66% fewer sick leave days (Forbes)

A shocking 87% of the US knowledge workforce is unhappy, and every unhappy employee represents an average $13,000 a year in unrecognized productivity. Companies that focus on creating and supporting a culture of well-being reap benefits such as:

  • 51% less turnover
  • 41% less safety-related accidents
  • 37% Higher sales

Grow your Strengths

Shrink your risks

Innovate new Capabilities

Out-learn your competitors


Global Regeneration CoLab

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